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If you would like to be placed on our future litters waiting list for a English Cream puppy or for a certain type color, coat, male or female puppy in an upcoming litter please contact us.

Once puppies on our waiting list are born, families will be given an opportunity to pick their puppy in the order deposits were received.  You will have the choice to choose your puppy or pass and wait until the next litter is born.

My Future Litters waiting lists:

Female Waiting List

1) Nancy Turner

2) Christina Faz

3) Hilda Paz

4) Erin Thorwaldson

5) Sharon McWhorter


6) Denise Cruz

7) Daisy Mojica

8) Madjdy Kassen

9) Justen Fanestiel

10) Rodney Sanchez

11) Bev Thaysen

12)Sarah Robinson

13) Nikki Marshall

Male Waiting List

1) Jose Quinton

2) Sommer Willis

3) Sarah Robinson

4)Nikki Marshall

Betty Lou Who II and Lincoln

Litter Born 6/30/2022

2 Females and 2 Males - All Longhair

* All puppies in this litter are Reserved *

Colors are:

1 Cream Dapple Female

2 Shaded Cream Dapple Males

1 Black and Cream Female

Betty Loo Who II (Loo Loo)

 AKC Shaded English Cream Long Hair

Dachs Unlimited Lincoln Brody

AKC Black and Cream Dapple Long Hair

Dachs Unlimited Lincoln Brody - AKC Black and Tan Dapple Long Hair Male Miniature Dachshund at Dachs Unlimited Betty Loo Who II (Loo Loo) - AKC Shaded English Cream Long Hair Miniature Dachshund

Check back!  New pictures of all puppies coming soon!